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A dental implant is an excellent treatment for replacing missing teeth. A root-form implant is the most common kind of dental implant. It is a small, titanium post that replaces the roots of a missing tooth. A custom-fitted artificial tooth, called a restoration, is secured to the implant, which holds the restoration firmly in place.

What is a Dental Implant?

An implant fitted with a crown effectively replaces a missing tooth. The implant is held firmly in the jawbone, so it feels much like your natural teeth when you talk and chew. The crown is custom-crafted to match or enhance your smile. A dental implant is a great way to keep your jawbone healthy, stop neighboring teeth from shifting, and maintain a stable bite.

The Benefits of an Implant

An implant has several benefits. Like the roots of natural teeth, it stimulates the jawbone when you chew. This preserves the jawbone and keeps it healthy. An implant is strong, comfortable, and secure. When the restoration is in place, the implant looks and feels much like natural teeth.

With careful homecare and regular checkups and cleanings here in our office, an implant can be an excellent long-term solution for missing teeth.

How is an implant used?

An implant can support a variety of restorations, such as a single crown, multi-unit bridges, and full arch dentures. Some restorations, like a single crown and most bridges, are not removable. Others, like many full-arch dentures, can be removed for sleeping and cleaning.

Protecting your Implants

Now that final restorations have been placed on your implants, it’s important to follow these recommendations to ensure their success. 

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